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      N-Dimethylamino succinamic acid



      Yellow Inhibitor HN-130


          Xi'an Hangjie Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. headquartered in YuHang Street of Xi'an of China, was founded in 1965, with now 1500 employees including over 400 high-caliber researchers and technicians. As the largest liquid propellant rocket engine test base in Asia, Xi'an Hangjie Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. is engaged in the R&D and manufacture of liquid propellant rocket engines test technologies and civilian industry products Over the past 40 years, our liquid propellant rocket engines have successfully sent the first artificial satellite and the "Shenzhhou" series spaceships etc., and been awarded numerous state-level honors.


          Committed to the research and test of military purpose engines for many years, Xi’an Aerospace Propulsion Testing Technique Institute has established a perfect management system, and has been approved by GJB9001A-2001 and GB/T28001-2001.


           Backed by advantages in the research and technology of airspace engines, analysis ad application of propellants, Xi'an Hangjie Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. Special Chemicals Company has successfully developed and manufactured daminozide, methyl hydrazine, pyrazolone, persantine (intermediate) and detergents etc. And we have formed a R&D and production system led by military technology, pesticide/pharmaceutical intermediates and featuring military and civilian products.


          Products are widely used in aviation, spaceflight, petro-chemicals, electronics, agriculture and pharmacy etc. And we have established cooperative relationships with many chemical groups from the US and Germany. Products are not only in good demand in East China, North China and Central China, but also exported to the Southeast Asia, the US, Egypt and the Netherlands etc.











      No.165 Institute Building, No.18 Yuhang Street, Xi'an,


      +86-29-85615585  +86-29-85207237

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